Top quality market research & analysis comes at a price! Well Not Necessarily.
Trade like a pro with Institutional level data and analysis for only $24.99 per month

With maximum coverage of global markets, Investor Pro+ takes the key data from top research houses and uses advanced technology to provide “Gold Standard” financial data & analysis at a fraction of the price of Bloomberg.

Professional level platform, with all the advanced features you need…

  • 1-click analysis for sector breakdown, upside distribution
  • With more In-depth company breakdowns
  • Compare company data easily to always pick the leader
  • Filter by any entity type (ETFs, REITs, Companies, etc.)
  • Customize and save your own filter settings
  • Use 20+ filters simultaneously
  • 25+ columns on each screener view
  • Instantly add screener results to watchlists

"Thrilled to finally have a single pane of glass for an engaged retail investor like myself. Specifically, I love that InvestingPro+ gives me one place to identify overlooked stocks across multiple global markets."

Mahesh Babu

"With access to multiple data vendor platforms, I was initially unsure how it would fit into my analytics. All the data is there, but in a platform that is more intuitive and easier to navigate. It quickly became my preferred tool for modeling and screening new ideas."

Chris Weiss

"Having a banking background, I was initially skeptical paying for a premium subscription, but after the initial free trial, I realized how much time InvestingPro+ was saving me by giving me structured data. After 2 years, it's still my go-to resource for financial data."

Dave Harutian

You can invest like a pro without shelling out $000s a month on research and analysis.

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